Monday, May 24, 2010


Hey Friends,
I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared anything yummy with you. Trust me I’ve been doing my research. I’ve been hitting the clubs trying new drinks and enjoying conversation with a number of knowledgeable people.
Let’s talk about the Good Guys,
Too often women when, in groups of two or more inevitably begin conversations that start with WHERE ARE ALL OF THE MEN??!..
Now, if you’re an African American Woman usually you preference that statement with WHERE ARE ALL OF THE GOOD BLACK MEN. Although African American women do date outside of their race usually there is always a longing to be with a man that you have a little more in common with. But since I’m fortunate to have friends from all nationalities we will go with the first statement.
Let’s talk about the Good Men. I know a few. Unfortunately the ones I know are either married or we make better friends then anything else.
There are good men out there ladies. Really!

The good men may not be in the packages that fairy tails have lead us to believe . Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying to settle for just anyone, but keep an open mind. Your Prince charming may be wrapped in a bigger or smaller package or in a different color wrapper. But once you open it you will be pleasantly surprised.
Trust me as I’m sharing with you I’m also learning.

Think of men like you used to think of Christmas Gifts when you where a kid. At first you would run to the tree and look for the biggest Box under the tree but then you realized that grandma would always give you $50 or more in an envelope. The gift in the big box would usually break by the end of the week but you enjoyed that $50 for a long time and got exactly what you wanted..

Hope this helps Ladies.
Please share your thoughts, Guy's you too