Thursday, May 19, 2011

Date Night With Some Spice

Ladies how do u feel about going to
the strip club with your man?

So it seems like many men feel like going to a strip club with your girl is something that we wouldn't be into. But, I have noticed more and more woman talking about joining their men and entering the forbidden doors of the Gentlemen’s Club.

I'm not saying couple strip club night should take the place of guys night out, or be the most frequent location for couple date nights, but an invitation once and a while would keep things fun and interesting.

Ladies I'm not co signing this date night with someone when you’re first getting to know each other. This may send the wrong impression, but it might be fun once to try down the road to add some spice to the relationship.

Just a thought...

Whatchu think Ladies? Tell me your stories or thoughts on the topic.
Fellas, how do you feel about this new date night suggestion?

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