Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glass vs. Plastic?

One of my pet peeves when going to a social event is when my drink is served in a plastic glass. Many thoughts come to mind when this occurs depending on the vibe of the event.

Glassware is a very important factor when it comes to all beverages, but more specifically alcohol. It allows you another way to show how you’re feeling for that time being. You may be feeling flirty and fun by drinking a martini in a martini glass, or sexy and sophisticated with a glass of wine. Not only do we drink for the taste and to quench our thirst, but we drink for the experience.

This experience embodies a feeling that comes with ordering a full bodied glass of wine and having it served in a sexy glass. For wine especially the process alone of first swirling the liquid and smelling the aroma begins to fill the fantasy and set a mood. By serving it in a plastic cup the experience is instantly taken away, and who wants to drink without the mood and especially the experience? Same thing with champagne, beer,and even shots. Each drink of choice has its own way of being served that adds to the experience.

Wine, without the stem? Champagne without the flute? Let me know whatcha thinking!

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